International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy

74th Meeting - June 17-21, 2019 - Champaign-Urbana, Illinois

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Crystal Brogan
National Radio Astronomy Observatory

John Doyle
Harvard University

Brian Drouin
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Cristina Puzzarini
University of Bologna

Elsa Yan
Yale University


Aleksandra Foltynowicz
Umeå University


Amanda Steber
University of Hamburg


Chris Johnson
Stony Brook University

Garry "Smitty" Grubbs, II
Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Astrochemistry and Astrobiology in the age of ALMA

Organized by Laurent Margulès (Universitée Lille) and Anthony Remijan (NRAO)

Featuring discussions on the advances ALMA has made and will be making in these fields. ALMA technology has already revolutionized the fields and the next series of ALMA development programs will make the array the most powerful spectroscopic instrument on the planet for astrochemical and astrobiological discoveries. Invited Speakers: Jes Jorgensen (Niels Bohr Institut), Brett A. McGuire (NRAO), Nami Sakai (RIKEN), Charlotte Vastel (Institut pour la Recherche en Astrophysique et Planélogie)

High-Harmonic Generation and XUV Spectroscopy

Organized by Robert Baker (Ohio State), Scott Sayres (Arizona State)
and Josh Vura-Weis (UIUC)

Featuring advances in high-harmonic generation and the spectroscopy it enables. The ionization-recollision process itself is a sensitive probe of small-molecule electronic structure. Furthermore, the XUV pulse can be used as an element-specific probe of electron dynamics at femto- to attosecond timescales. Invited Speakers: Lou DiMauro (Ohio State), Wen Li (Wayne State), Arvinder Sandhu (University of Arizona)

Non-covalent Interactions

Organized by Helen Leung (Amherst College), Mark Marshall (Amherst College)
and Yunjie Xu (University of Alberta)

Non-covalent interactions have profound influence on chemical and biological systems. Interactions in chiral contact pairs have provided the basis for a new method of chiral analysis. We focus on spectroscopic and theoretical characterization of non-covalent molecular interactions and how they can be utilized to explore new frontiers. Invited Speakers: Maria Sanz (King's College London), Joseph Francisco (University of Pennsylvania), Kenneth Leopold (University of Minnesota)

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YearTitle (number of half day sessions)OrganizersInvited Speakers
2018Far-Infrared Spectroscopy (3)Olivier Pirali and Shanshan YuBrian Drouin, Jean-Françs Lampin, Hiroyuki Ozeki, Charles Schmuttenmaer, Jean Vander Auwera
2018Frequency-Comb Spectroscopy (5)Aleksandra Foltynowicz, Nathalie Picquéand Jun YeKjeld Eikema, Paolo De Natale, Greg Rieker, Takeshi Yasui
2018New Ways of Understanding Molecular Spectra (4)Per Jensen and Stephan SchlemmerRenato Lemus, Brooks Pate, Sergey Yurchenko
2017Multiple Potential Energy Surfaces (4)Jinjun Liu and Chris EllesRobert W. Field, Roseanne J. Sension, John F. Stanton
2017Chirality-Sensitive Spectroscopy (2)Yunjie Xu and Melanie SchnellRina Dukor, Laurent Nahon, Patrick Vaccaro
2017ALMA's Molecular View (4)Brett McGuire and Anthony RemijanSusanne Aalto, Arnaud Belloche, Michael McCarthy, Chunhua Qi, Noaki Watanabe
2016Spectroscopy in Atmospheric Chemistry (4)Steve Brown and Frank KeutschStan Sander, Phil Stevens, Rainer Volkamer, Gerard Wysocki
2016Spectroscopy in Traps (3)Stephan SchlemmerMark Johnson, Jos Oomens, Roland Wester
2016 Spectroscopy of Large Amplitude Motions(5)Isabelle Kleiner and Jon HougenTherese Huet, Marek Kreglewski, Stephan Schlemmer
2015Accelerator-Based Spectroscopy (3)Jos Oomens, Jennifer van WijngaardenRobert Georges, Terry McMahon, Gaël Mouret, Gert von Helden
2015High-Precision Spectroscopy (3)Mike Heaven, Trevor SearsThomas K. Allison, Ian Coddington, David Long, Hiroyuki Sasada, Wim Ubachs
2015Spectroscopy in the Classroom (2)Stephen Cooke, Andrea MineiGeoffrey A. Blake, Colin Western
2014Astronomical Molecular Spectroscopy in the Age of ALMA (5)Leslie Looney and Anthony Remijan Ted Bergin, Geoffrey Blake
2014Beyond the Mass-to-Charge Ratio: Spectroscopic Probes of the Structures of Ions (3)Mike Duncan and Tim Zwier Knut Asmis, Yuan-Pern Lee, Cheuk-Yiu Ng
2014Spectroscopy in Kinetics and Dynamics (3)Martin Gruebele and Iam Sims Toshinori Suzuki, Joel Bowman, Ian Sims
2013Spectroscopy of Planetary Atmospheres (2)Vincent Boudon and Peter Bernath Pierre Coheur, Glenn Orton, Jonathan Tennyson
2013Spectroscopy Tests of Fundamental Physics (3)Wim Ubachs and Tim Steimle Peter Schwerdtfeger, Wim Ubachs
2013Theory and Spectroscopy (4)John Stanton Cristina Puzzarini, Jon Hougen, Horst Koeppel, Timothy Lee
2012Cold Quantum Systems (3)Gary Douberly and David Anderson Takamasa Momose, Pierre-Nicholas Roy, Kenneth Brown, Marcel Drabbels
2012Spectroscopy of Liquid and Cluster Interfaces (2)Michael Duncan Rich Saykally, Heather Allen
2012Ultimate Electronic Transitions - Photodetachment and Photoionization (3)Caroline Chick Jarrold Daniel Neumark, Frederic Merkt
2011Molecular Spectroscopy in Support of Fundamental Physics (2)Trevor Sears and Neil Shafer-Ray David Demille, Jens-Uwe Grabow
2011Spectroscopic Perturbations: Molecules Behaving Badly? (3)Robert W. Field Robert Field, Anthony Merer, Mark Child
2011The THz Cosmos (2)Eric Herbst Maryvonne Gerin, Ted Bergin
2010Biomolecules and Cluster Ions (2)Tom Rizzo and Fleming Crim Thomas Rizzo, Timothy Zwier, Mark Johnson
2010Metal Containing Molecules (4)Michael Duncan Michael Heaven, Andre Fielicke, Lucy Ziurys, Michael Duncan
2010Precision/Frequency Combs (2)Ben McCall and Jun Ye Ronald Holzwarth, Ronald Walsworth
2009Cavity Enhanced Spectroscopy (3)Andrew Orr-Ewing and Kevin Lehmann Jun Ye, Steven Brown, Andreas Brockhinke
2009Conical Intersections (2)Scott Reid and Spiridoula Matsika Todd Martinez, David Jonas
2009FIR/THz Air/Space Missions (3)Li-Hong Xu and John Pearson Holger Mü Karl Menten, Frank De Lucia, Bob McKellar
2008Cold Molecules/Clusters (4)Frederic Merkt Andrey Vilesov, Stefan Willitsch, Uzi Even, Eberhard Tiemann
2008Multi-Dimensional IR (2)Marty Zanni Timothy Zwier, Chris Cheatum, Igor Rubtsov
2008THz Spectroscopy (2)David Plusquellic and Edwin Heilweil Peter Uhd Jepsen, Joseph Melinger, Frank De Lucia
2007Alkali dimers and long-range molecules (2)Bob Field and Amanda Ross David Demille, Paul Julienne
2007Dynamics Probed by Spectroscopy (2)Rich Loomis and Scott Reid Scott Kable, Carl Lineberger, Simon North
2007Theoretical/Computational Spectroscopy (5)Anne McCoy and Jon Hougen James Muckerman, David Perry, Pierre-Nicholas Roy