77th International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy

June 17-21, 2024

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Flygare Awards

The first Flygare Award Lectures were presented at the 70th ISMS meeting and are given out biannually to early career independent scientists who showcase outstanding contributions in molecular spectroscopy.

To be eligible, nominees must have received their PhD between five (November 14, 2018) and ten (November 15, 2013) years ago, must have presented at least one previous talk at the Symposium, and must be available to deliver a lecture during a plenary session in the year they apply. Candidates will be evaluated based on their independent contributions relative to the time that has elapsed since their PhD.

The next Flygare Award Lectures will be presented at the 77th ISMS meeting (in 2024).

Nominations must include a CV, a one-page summary of the nominee's independent research contributions, three letters of recommendation (submitted separately). Self-nominations are encouraged, but nominations by senior molecular spectroscopists are equally welcome.

For full consideration, all materials should be submitted by email to Birgit at coordinator@isms.illinois.edu by December 22, 2023.

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Past Flygare Award Winners

Year Winners University
2022 Joseph Fournier Washington University
2022 Brett McGuire MIT
2022 Ha Vinh Lam Nguyen University Paris-Est Créteil
2019 Chris Johnson Stony Brook University
2019 Garry "Smitty" Grubbs, II Missouri University of Science and Technology
2017 Etienne Garand University of Wisconsin, Madison
2017 Jinjun Liu University of Louisville
2015 Emilio J. Cocinero Universidad del País Vasco and Biofisika Institute
2015 Richard Dawes Missouri University of Science and Technology
2015 Susanna Widicus Weaver Emory University
2015 Shanshan Yu Jet Propulsion Laboratory