International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy

75th Meeting - June 22-26, 2020 - Champaign-Urbana, Illinois

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ISMS Dorm Options (& Parking)

Check-In: Sunday, June 21st starting at 12:00 Noon (Central Standard Time)
Check-Out: Friday, June 26th at 1:00 PM (Central Standard Time)

Bousfield Hall

Opening for the first time in Fall 2013, Bousfield Hall is a very nice facility. In August, Bousfield Hall became the third university facility to achieve LEED Platinum status, the U.S. Green Building Council's highest certification level, joining the Business Instructional Facility and Lincoln Hall.

Every attendee will have a private locking bedroom, and will share an in-suite bath with 1-3 other people (when you register you may provide suitemate names if desired). We do not have the option for private bathrooms; however, in all room types the toilet stall/room is able to be locked, leaving the shower and sinks accessible to suitemates. Each room has individual climate control. Free wireless internet is available in all rooms and the common areas. Each room has a bed, desk and rolling chair. There are NO microwaves/mini-fridges in the rooms.

Wassaja Hall

Opening for the first time in Fall 2016, Wassaja Hall is a brand new and exceptionally nice facility. Wassja Hall has LEED Gold status. Wassaja is due West of Nugent Hall and North of Bousfield.

Wassja has a slightly different layout. Each double room will be assigned to ONE attendee (so you will have a large private room with 2 twin beds and desks). Bathrooms are located outside the rooms in an inner hallway and we strive to maintain a one-to-one ratio between rooms and bathrooms, but this is not always possible. Each bathroom has a shower and toilet, and locks individually.
IMPORTANT: Specific room types sold out in previous years. We have a fixed number of each suite type so please REGISTER EARLY for best availability. If you register late and the room type you request is no longer available we will have to put you where we have availability (and you may have to pay the higher room rate). Encourage your roommates to register early (we cannot hold rooms for people who have not registered).

There are a number of common areas where people can gather. On the first floor there is a large area with tables, chairs, and couches, as well as a large TV. Each floor also has a house lounge and study.

Bousfield and Wassaja Halls are just under a mile (15-20 minute walk) from the main symposium buildings, but there is convenient (every 5 minutes) free bus service from just outside the dorm to within about a block of the talks. Bousfield is adjacent to the Picnic venue.

Parking is available within a few blocks from the dorm. See more details below at the bottom of the page.

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Option 1: 4-bedroom suite (42 Suites)

The 4-bedroom suite (including separate living room with sofa and 2 chairs) gives each person his/her own locking single bedroom. There is a locking shower/dressing room, a locking toilet room, and a sink with 2 basins and large mirror.

The suite will be shared with a *minimum* of 2 other people, and possibly 3 (based on demand).

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Option 2: 2-bedroom suite (70 Suites)

The 2-bedroom suite gives each person his/her own locking double bedroom. The bathroom has double sinks and a large mirror, a shower with shower curtain, and a toilet with locking stall.

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Option 3: Couples suite

PLEASE NOTE: There are only 10 of these suites. They are for married couples attending the conference together.

The couples suite gives the couple a double bedroom, plus a second single. The bathroom has double sinks and a large mirror, a shower with shower curtain, and a toilet with locking stall (identical to bathroom in 2-bedroom suite).

Dorm Couples Suite Image

No refunds will be given if 1/2 of the couple does not attend.
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Option 4: Private Room in Wassaja

The private room in Wassaja will have 2 beds and 2 desks (furnished the same as Bousfield Hall). The double rooms are a bit smaller than in Bousfield). The bedroom will be assigned to a single person. The bathrooms are outside the bedroom off an inner corrider. We strive to maintain a one-to-one ratio between rooms and bathrooms, but this is not always possible. Each bathroom has a shower and a toilet and locks to guarantee privacy. They are unassigned.

Wassaja Private Image

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You can purchase your parking as part of the check in process at the Dorm. Parking will be in lot E-14, which is about a 5-6 minute walk from the dorms.

Parking is not enforced on the weekends, so if you arrive on Saturday or Sunday, you may park just outside the dorm to check-in and put away your bags (there is ample street parking on E. Peabody Drive, a small parking lot immediately South of Bousfield on the North side of E. Peabody Drive, and also a large surface lot on the South side of E. Peabody across from Bousfield).

Parking enforcement begins at 6:00 AM on Monday, so you will need to have your car in lot E14 with your permit displayed before then. There are many parking meters on E. Peabody Drive (and in the lot across from Bousfield) if you wish to park closer while loading your bags (25 cents/15 minutes).

Parking Map