77th International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy

June 17-21, 2024

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Instructions for Submitting Your Abstract

In order to support the Symposium's new mobile app and improve your experience, the abstract submission system has been significantly modified. For those of you familiar with the "OSU" system, there are four major differences:
  1. The different types of information (title, body, comments, etc.) are entered directly into web forms with LaTeX encoding. Author affiliations are selected and attached to the abstract. The system then generates and compiles the LaTeX file for you.
  2. You may add abstracts and edit them at any time, before finally submitting them in advance of the deadline. Once an abstract is submitted it can no longer be edited.
  3. You may view, edit, and submit any abstract that you create and any abstracts that you are listed as an author on.
  4. Rather than selecting a "Category" for your talk, we ask you to choose and rank-order several keywords that best describe your work. These keywords will be used to group related abstracts together into sessions, and will also impact the titles of these sessions. Please think carefully about your keyword choices, to ensure your talk will be scheduled in the most appropriate session.
We hope that you will find the system intuitive and easy to use. A few general instructions are provided here for your reference, and more specific Help/Instructions Help HelpMore information will pop up if you hover/click here! (<-- hover/click) are available on many pages within the abstract system.

Need more help with syntax? Try Overleaf (link here), the free easy to use online collaborative LaTeX editor.



  1. Click Login in the left navigation panel
  2. Select the radio button for "Create or Edit Abstract(s)" [only available during the submission window]
  3. Enter your email address and frequency and log in
  4. Click the Add New Abstract button at the top
  5. A "New Abstract" will be created in the Uncategorized Abstracts section
  6. Click the Edit button to the right of the new abstract
  7. Use the various Edit buttons to enter the abstract information:
    • Title (LaTeX format)
    • Abstract Body (LaTeX format)
    • Details (length, mini-symposium selections, nominations, and comments)
    • Image, if applicable (EPS format)
    • Keywords
    • Authors (More Information about Affiliations)
  8. Click the Compile Abstract button to view how we will compile your abstract (this can be done at any time after a title, some body text, and authors have been added)
  9. Click the Validate for Submission button at the bottom when you are finished
  10. Make sure the PDF looks the way you want it in the abstract book, and click Submit

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