77th International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy

June 17-21, 2024

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ISMS Venues

All talks will be held in the Chemistry complex (and immediately adjoining buildings). The plenary talks will be held at the South end of the quad (about 600') in the Foellinger Auditorium.

symposium block

Noyes Laboratory (NL)

Noyes Laboratory will hold our Registration and Exhibitor/Refreshment Rooms, the Computer Lab, and two lecture halls (NL 100 and NL 217).

Chemistry Annex (CA)

Chemistry Annex is immediately to the South of Noyes Laboratory across a pedestrian walkway. It has one lecture hall (CA 112). Chem Annex is under construction in June, 2015.

Roger Adams Laboratory (RAL)

Roger Adams Laboratory is across the street to the East of Chemistry Annex. It has one lecture hall (RAL 116).

Chemical and Life Sciences (CLSL)

CLSL is a multi-wing building located across the street to the East of Noyes Laboratory/Chemistry Annex. The lecture hall (CLSL B102) is in the B wing across the pedestrian walkway to the Northeast of Roger Adams.

Medical Sciences Building (MSB)

Medical Sciences is across the pedestrian walkway to the North of Roger Adams. It has one lecture hall. This will be a backup location in the event that Chem Annex is under construction.

Burrill Hall

Burrill Hall is located across the street to the Northeast of Noyes Laboratory, and is just North of Medical Sciences. The lecture hall (140) is entered off of the wide pedestrian walkway that runs North of Noyes, across S. Mathews Avenue.

Campus Map

campus map